Content Campaigns

I have managed large-scale content campaigns in partnership with national and international tourism boards, corporations like The North Face and Amazon, and various media groups.

To develop and create these campaigns, I guide narrative brainstorming and planning, manage stakeholder relationships, assign content creators, edit text, build content pages and hubs, and coordinate social media programming.

The campaigns below were published with National Geographic and are currently available to subscribers.

Expedition Antarctica

On a month-long expedition in Queen Maud Land, a team of accomplished climbers faced extreme conditions to navigate new summit routes. My team worked with The North Face to share their progress and experience.

I managed this campaign by partnering with visual editors, creating a content strategy and calendar, assigning and editing text, building digital sites, and developing distribution programming.

To maintain a consistent content stream, expedition members sent dispatches from the field and updated the off-site team on their adventures and accomplishments. We used that content to develop compelling, dynamic stories for our readers.

Visit the project here.

The Canada Experience

My team partnered with the Canadian tourism board to create a months-long campaign with the goal of sharing the country’s wonders and motivating tourism growth.

To successfully develop and produce this content, I worked with with visual editors to build a strategy, assigned writers, photographers, and filmmakers, maintained the campaign budget, managed stakeholder relationships, edited story text, built digital sites, and promoted the content.

This campaign reached millions of viewers by bringing together respected journalists to showcase Canada’s most stunning, interesting, and exciting experiences.

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The Ultimate California Road Trip

Supporting the California tourism board, I developed a content plan to share the ultimate beach-to-park road trip with readers.

To edit and produce this story, I worked with a cartographer and developed the route with a travel journalist. It required a thoughtful balance of editorial and brand considerations, along with a clear vision for what content would connect best with users.

With the goal of promoting California tourism, this story reached millions of readers through National Geographic’s website and social media channels.

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Nat Geo Adventurers
of the Year

Every year, National Geographic celebrates the world’s most accomplished, inspirational adventurers. As the lead digital editor of the adventure group, I worked with a team to determined the featured adventurers and managed the content strategy to share their stories.

Alongside visual and social media editors, I developed a campaign that included narratives, interviews, photography, and film.

To promote this content, my team developed a detailed social media and communications plan—providing space for adventurers to connect with users and answer questions, posting additional content, and sharing the campaign on national television.

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