Hello, internet friends and business professionals. Welcome to my portfolio site. This is the page where I’m supposed to write something interesting about myself. I think a lot of people tackle these blurbs in third person, but I don’t know how to write in that way without feeling crazy, so I’m sticking with a first person vantage point.

Here it goes.

I currently work as an editor and digital producer with National Geographic, where I write, edit, and produce content on travel, adventure, science, and society. In this role, I collaborate with talented writers and developers, help manage our social media accounts, and create content strategies that connect our work to our global audience. The projects I develop and manage answer both editorial and client-based needs, while encouraging readers to dig deeper into the world around us.

Before this adventure, I worked as a public interest attorney—mostly with children. There’s little evidence of that work here on this site, unless you count my obsessive need to build a sentence in just the right way or my careful balance of cynicism and hope.

I also write and draw in a blog called Tiny Hazards. I mostly discuss the ways in which I survive the dangers of everyday life, my struggle with an overly anxious brain, and the joy of weekend pancakes. In addition to those important topics, I spend a lot of time sharing my wild views on equality, feminism, and science.

Besides writing and doodling, I enjoy snacking continuously, reading books on my couch, watching excellent and terrible television shows (but never anything in between), dreaming of summers in Michigan, and participating in activities generally loved by nerds and geeks.