Content to Connect: Communications, Marketing, Social Media, and Fundraising

Excellent content will make your organization shine — and my content expertise can get you there. I can help your group create copy and strategy around communications, marketing, social media, email, and fundraising. Here are some of the ways I work with businesses, associations, nonprofits, and communications firms:

and Marketing

The best communications and marketing copy is tuned into both the brand and the client. It’s a balancing act that requires a deep understanding of an organization’s voice and mission, along with what will resonate with the audience. With this harmony in mind, I create internal and external communications materials, strategy and reporting documents, marketing content, and press releases in both print and digital.

Social Media

Social media is a constantly changing but ever-important aspect of running any business or media outlet. I have grown international social media brands, led large-scale campaigns, analyzed accounts, developed account strategies, and written copy for multiple social media platforms. Productive social media accounts need a balance of classic editorial grounding, an eye on the shifting landscape, and a personal touch — all of which I’ve cultivated over my years doing this work.

Email Campaigns

Connection is key to any business, and email is an important avenue for those connections. Newsletters continue to be a successful way to reach new and lasting clients, patrons, and supporters, and intermittent email campaigns supporting a particular project can be equally successful. I have experience working in both email copy creation, strategy, and production.

and Grants

Many associations and nonprofits rely on fundraising and grants for their continued success. This work requires attention to detail, a clear understanding of an organization’s work, and excellent storytelling abilities. I have experience drafting fundraising copy for websites, social media, email campaigns, and events. I also have experience drafting letters of intent, grant content, and unofficial grant requests.

Past Brand Partners: